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Originally Posted by Surecatch View Post
This is what I was looking for. That helps tremendously...a real world yardstick that I can understand.

Fitness: Recently lost 25 pounds, but still have about 15 before I would consider myself in prime tennis shape. For 5-10, 195 and 46yo, I move pretty well, but I could definitely be better.

Strokes: Improving, but I still do some ugly things with some shots that come my way....haha. Most times I'm fundamentally sound, but there are still lapses. My backhand is way weaker than my forehand.

Serves: No longer lollipops, but not devastating either. I've worked on this more than anything and it's really coming along.

Power: This I need to develop. I've just started learning to consistently be able to hit groundstrokes hard and deep, but I still do plenty of looping defense on tougher shots.
I'd think you have 2 options...

Self rate at 3.0 and run the risk of getting DQ'd. 3.0 is ultimately a slower and less athletic version of 3.5.

Self rate at 3.5 and prepare for some lopsided losses to players that look beatable

You sound like the type that will play at 3.5 for a few years and flirt with 4.0 after some experience and expected improvement.
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