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From his opening service game of the match, Lendl held serve 19 consecutive times through the end of the fourth set. The only higher previous streak I know of is Wilander’s 20 straight holds against McEnroe in St. Louis –
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As I mentioned above, Curren held [22] straight against Connors at the 83W, and now I know of another one: Borg held 20 straight times against Tanner at the 1981 USO.
There are several other streaks up through 1984 that I have learned of since.

41 straight service holds by Charlie Pasarell to open his match against Pancho Gonzalez, 1969 Wimbledon, R128
Pancho himself opened with 22 straight and closed with 30 straight

22 by Hoad to open his US Pro final at Cleveland against Gonzalez in 1958
(Pancho had at least 17 himself, possibly 22 if he was unbroken in the fifth set)

21 by Schroeder to open the 1949 US final against Pancho Gonzalez
20 by Doeg to close the 1930 US final against Shields
20 by Gorman in a win over Laver in a 1971 Wimbledon quarterfinal (unbroken)
20 by McEnroe in a win over Alexander on grass in a 1979 Davis Cup semifinal (unbroken)

And one for the women:
19 by Margaret Osborne Dupont against Louis Brough Clapp to finish the 1948 US final (score was 4-6, 6-4, 15-13)

Since 1984 data is much more abundant, and I know of many service streaks higher than Lendl's.

The alltime record must by 85 straight holds by Isner and Mahut each.

Roddick held 37 straight times against Federer in the 2009 Wimbledon final.

Anyone know what Karlovic's best single-match marks might be?

We tend to think of service streaks as something that alltime great servers put together. But such records often have as much to do with the poor quality of returning, as the Isner-Mahut and Gonzalez-Pasarell matches show.

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