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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
LOL, No, this is not inspired by Planet of the Apes or Terminator series, etc. I have been into sci-fi a lot from childhood so a lot of my thinking follows across such lines.

In any case, I do not know how to drive motorcycles (or cars without having the keys) nor do i know how to fire guns, and I cannot single-handedly floor five or ten armed assailants, nor can I jump onto speeding trucks from heights (Salt), nor can I use my cell (Nokia 5510 in my case) or iPod to bring down the security system at NASA or KGB headquarters (Transporter 2).

Hasta la vista, baby.
well, take a horse, a camel, a tauntaun or whatever you can find, and go at the following address:
1640 Riverside Drive, Hill Valley

you should find a guy able to help you.

by the way, how do you manage to communicate with us from 'there' ?
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