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Originally Posted by Automatix View Post
Don't know if this was posted but what the heck...

Model - Unstrung weight, headsize, string pattern, beam
Steam 96 - 289g, 96 sq. inch., 16x20, 22mm
Steam 99 - 304g, 99 sq. inch., 16x18, 22-24-22mm
Steam 99S - 304g, 99 sq. inch., 16x15, 22-24-22mm
Steam 105 - 289g, 105sq. inch., 16x19, 24-26-24mm
Steam 105S - 289g, 105 sq. inch., 16x15, 24-26-24mm

All with AmpliFeel360.

Sorry if this was already posted.
Steam 96, Potro's new racket, only 289 grams? I guess it will be more. Maybe 309?
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