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Just came back from a light hitting session.

Here's what I thought.
I wanted to firm up the hoop of the NYC and I thought the NYC is already a very stable frame stock (Just needed weight to tweak). I wanted to move the sweetspot up more and get more power up top. The only way I can think of is putting some weight on either the 12 or 10/2. I love the 12/6 and counter balance on the handle setup. This setup let me maximize on getting power on the top w/o putting too much weight. This setup is awesome for folks with the modern forehand or does heavy topspin.
But since I have a groundies that hit through the ball with a twist, the lighter setup may not be the best as I need to plow. I had trouble playing against heavy topspin folks as I couldn't get enough drive to dictate the direction of the ball.
Hence, I saw Jason's setup on mostly lead on handle setup.
All in all; the good outweight the bad. The biggest issue was getting use to quite a bit weight on the handle. But this is needed because anytime I put weight above the 3/9 level I have to put at least twice as much weight around the handle in order to compensate to even out. After getting used to the timing, I immediately saw I can generate a heavier ball. What i really like is that with the lighter setup, anything near my shoes was a short recovery shot. However i was able to drive alot better with this heavier setup. Let me put a good vs bad list to shorten it up:
The Good:
Plows alot better. In a way, it plays like a arm friendly PDGT Roddick (haven't played with a PDGT 2012 yet). This racquet swings more freely too.
Topspin is better too. That additional 10/2 lead generated some crazy spin.
Volleys: Love to volley in the NYC. Loving it even more now with more weight in the handle, I lost some touch and feel, but putting in a approach shot and close out volleys are alot more stable.

The Bad:
Slice: I thought the lighter setup was better in. I think my timing is still off in this area. Block shots are good.
Feel and Touch: went down quite a bit. Maybe i just need to get into it more.

Still need to serve with it then i will decide whether to convert my other NYC as well. But, like J, I am really happy with my NYC as well.

J: What setup did u do on the hoop?

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