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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
Please put on your thinking caps and give this ole fren some help getting his feet on the ground.

Let's say I am given a ride by some extra-terrestrials. The ride takes days or weeks of my time, but when I am returned to the street I lived on, I find that several decades have elapsed on Earth (time dilation).

I am standing in front of my house. The entire street has changed. All houses/apartments rebuilt, new name plates. I know nobody. I have no place to go, no home. All I have on me (let's say) is a DL (long expired) and perhaps an ATM card (blocked due to account disuse, if the bank still exists).

I realize that the few people I knew are either dead, or very old and thus in no shape to help me, even if I could locate them. I do remember a couple of gmail ids, but gmail doesn't exist any longer. Same for cell numbers. My cell phone doesn't work now (providers/technology everything's changed).

My skill set was already outdated when I left, now it would be history, so I am not sure how I am going to earn money.

So here I am, standing on the street I lived on, a stranger, not knowing what my first move should be. Should I approach the police, the newspapers, or what ? How do i earn a living ?

Should I keep mum about my trip for fear of ridicule, or is that the only hope I have (since I still look like I did in 2012 - forty years back).

Thanks for helping out.
Sincerely, Senti.
Interesting... so this is a complex situation indeed

so, it boils down to ..
1. how to make people believe the abnormal
2. how to survive with no current skills

Since its the far future, it could mean people have MATURED and have better processes in place (for old/poor/disabled/etc) - and you have the DL and ATM card, so approach media/police/public office to tell your story and if you play it right, could become viral/famous (maybe even get to write a book or get a TV show with your old old friends as guests)

If that fails, you start slow (like an illegal immigrant)... part-time jobs etc and learn the skills ...assuming you're not too old/unfit ofc
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