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Default Dealing with idiots on public courts - Help!

Where I live we are blessed to have a set of 17 nice courts to play on free of charge (6 are for lessons in the evening in the summer) and a great hitting wall .

There is a group of regulars that are usually yelling & screaming their heads off... well not just yelling, swearing. One guy in particular is the loudest & swears like a trucker after almost every miss or lost point.

After having multiple shanks & bad tosses due to a full out F#@K from behind me during my toss/hit (he was on the court behind me on the service line playing doubles, 15 feet or so away) I couldn't take it anymore... I turned & watched/waited until he tossed for his service & yelled F#@k as loud as I possibly could (which is pretty loud) & turned around lol... I had a chance to see his ball go flying (scared him I think then I heard his racquet hit the court & knew he was looking around to see who it was (quite a bit bigger than me but I can hold my own... I think lol).

After I serve my second serve & miss the return (because I am amped/****ed) I see he is still standing there & staring at me like he wants to kill me (long haired crazy looking dude haha). We had a lovely stare down for a bit & I went back to playing. Played like crap until my adrenaline flow slowed up a bit, balls here flying haha

So... what do you do in these situations on public courts? You can hear this guy five/10 courts over & he is always at it (I once told him to leave an Asian player alone as he started to get discriminatory/threatening). I told him I would call the police if he didn't stop harassing him on the court beside them (last year). I am sure he doesn't remember lol.

He gets mad if anyone even tries to cross the court from the side or back, of freaks when a ball goes in their court during their precious doubles match for millions) Luckily I have other places to play (indoors & outdoors) but my outdoor league plays there & they are beautiful courts right by the ocean, I will continue to play there.

I am no spring chicken & wasn't overly impressed with my method of handling it after the fact. In hindsight I could have just said... come on man... we are trying to play tennis here, ease off on the loud swearing please. But even then I have a feeling it would lead to a confrontation/possible fight (which my first method almost lead to as well... but it felt right for him to understand how distracting it is .

Thoughts/comments & suggestions appreciated.

Cheers ~ TG

P.S. I do play in indoor organized leagues as well. I have never had a problem with any players, that is not my MO

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