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Bringing this thread back to pose a question to those of you who have played extensively with a "champion's choice" setup (VS gut / ALU Rough) or any derivative thereof. I am going to try this setup in the KBT in an attempt to derive more power from the frame.

What would you guys recommend in the way of gauge and tension? I have 16g Pacific Toughgut / 17g OGSM @ 60/58lbs in one and it doesn't get much bite but the strings last pretty much forever. I have 17g Babolat VS / Pacific Classic @ 55lbs in the other and while I get more pop I don't think it is as much as I should be able to generate. Does 18g natural gut even exist? And if so, should I cross it with an 18g poly (TiMO perhaps?) I think I would be venturing into dangerous territory there as far as durability goes. Maybe an 18g gut / 16g alu rough would be best, but I am still not convinced. What do you guys think?

TL;DR : For Champion's Choice - what gauge / tension should I use for the K Blade Tour?

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