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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
Based on your posts, it seemed that you were arguing that Riggs was better than Budge. IMO, peak Budge played the highest level of tennis ever until Laver, possibly Gonzales.
Limpinhitter check the post that I posted earlier. It's quoted below.

Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
I've seen some interviews with Riggs in which he does take into account the injury plus he also felt Budge gained weight which in his opinion also hurt Budge's game.

Most people would agree with you that Budge was clearly the superior player over Riggs when both were at their peaks. Vines ranks Budge at his peak ahead of Riggs and Kramer also ranks Budge ahead of Riggs. In fact I can't think of anyone who ranks Riggs ahead of Budge.
I will state for the record I think peak Budge was probably superior to peak Riggs but I do think peak Riggs was very underrated. Remember peak Budge only beat Riggs before he reached his peak on an earlier tour by only a score of 15 to 10 that also included Kovacs, Perry among others. Budge had great power, an excellent serve, top volley (heard he could NOT serve and volley regularly because his strokes were too long but he didn't need to). Riggs was much faster, some ( and this is debatable)believe he may have had a better serve, had better touch and better stamina. Riggs also had the perfect strokes to handle the great power of Budge from the baseline.

I don't think peak Budge would crush peak Riggs but I do think he was probably better.

To be fair on that earlier tour Budge was supposed to be out of shape and he pulled ahead after he got back into shape.

I do think that peak Pancho Gonzalez was clearly superior to peak Don Budge. Many also thought Jack Kramer was also superior to Budge. Riggs and many others thought so. Vines thought Budge was superior.

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