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Originally Posted by Sumo View Post
Did he do it anymore that day?
I would say that he lightened up & lessened the frequency... just to clarify this wasn't a league or club situation... just in the public courts. We didn't play much longer as it was getting dark (non lit courts).

He has been a loud obnoxious jerk on these courts for a while & feel that letting it continue would just be wrong. (He yelled/swore loudly with racial slurs at a woman that needed to get to the inner courts before our altercation.)

I am sure more events are to come, I am not going to allow him to abuse & threaten others on the court. I think asking him to please take it easy/calm down & if it gets heavy let him know that I will be reporting his action on these courts to the police (Threats/Harassment etc.)

Maybe that will help...

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