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"Helena had better strokes overall but Pam dominated her in both singles and doubles. As smart as Helena was Pam was smarter and knew how to set up points to her advantage better than almost anyone during her time. She turned having a limited game into an advantage by knowing how to force an opponent to give her a predictable and desired response."

SUWANNEE is on the money with this. Great analysis. Folks who concentrate on her unorthodox strokes, truly miss the boat. For so many s/v's, the depth of their tactical sense is reached by deciding whether to hit the volley to the forehand, backhand or short. Pam was just plain smarter than the rest. She put a lot of thought into a match. Unfortunately, sometimes it was brains that did not come with confidence when things got tough. it sure did not come with mobility. She lumbered around a court.

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