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Originally Posted by MikeyBigShot View Post
My biggest problem with Oscar's teaching is that it is incomplete. I watched his instant stream videos online, and after 2 months it seemed like he left out a lot of important information about how to execute his style of forehand. I'm really good at learning physical motion, but he simply does not provide enough information.

I'm not the only person who has said this.

The best video he has available for streaming is the 53 drills video, and the best aspect of that video is when John Frausto is teaching.
The incompleteness was pointed out by a couple of people who then used his ideas but struck out on their own pitching a complete method (in the UK).

The way forward for MTM2 led by 5263 should be:

Lose the philosophical aspects - no need to be profound about simple issues

Build a complete system of all strokes and footwork - not harp on the forehand and then try to bolt on other stuff from here and there

Lose the criticism of other coaches and the psychological baggage of ancient fights

Pitch it as a teaching method for beginning to advanced club players which incorporates pro aspects, and lose any tenuous links to pros which can be questioned
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