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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
I noticed that you ignored the original link that I provided that showed a rising ball on a kick serve. I know with absolute certainty that nearly every kick serve that I have hit for the past 20+ years has risen after contact. Many other serves that I have faced (4.0 to 5.5 level players) have a kick or twist serve that rises noticeably after contact. With a small % of these servers, it is not apparent if the ball rises or not.

Even Rod Cross talks about kick serves that rise (the "lob" kick serve he mentions is an example of this).
This video shows the same kick serve from different angles.

Figure 13. Kick serve from different angles

Fig. 13.1 illustrates that the ball trajectory is near to horizontal, but in fig. 13.2 you can see trajectory of the steep rising ball. So, a photo camera can deceive us drastically.

Here is this player fist serve

Figure 14. Fist serve

The ball has "steep" going down trajectory.

I think pros mostly hit twist serve slightly downward, because of high speed of the ball (more 100mph), otherwise ball flies out, but most recreational players can hit the ball upward with lower speed.
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