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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
I believe the across part is incredibly incorrect. wegner is not a biomechanics guy at all, I would not call him a modern coach. although his movements at least mimic the modern style (I never heard him talking about the kinetic chain though).

the across comes from the rotational swing path and the pronation but there is no point in trying to hit across the ball.

wegner seems to believe that what happens with the racket during contact greatly influences the ball (he states that you swing to the ball slowly and then accelerate to "push" the ball. he even calls this double hit).

biomechanical studies have shown that this is wrong. the contact time is actually so short that nothing matters after the strings first touch the ball since the vibrations reach the hand after the ball has left the strings. you could actually release the racket before impact and have the same result (won't work in practice of course).
Absolutely agree with you. Thanks for excellent post.

Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
The poster called Cheetah has been getting me to incorporate body rotation and it is working, though I need to work on it more. That is where the effortless force comes from. It also removes arming of the ball. Hitting across the ball gives the impression of a conscious swing and emphasizes the arm, which is not good.
What exactly I have to do to hit across the ball? I’ve never was able to comprehend MTM explanations.
Btw, it seems the pros really hit downward while serving (your idea), see please thread
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