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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
I agree.. When people say Fed is more "skilled" all around I question that. Fed is more skilled in certain aspects. But "overall" skill his very highly debatable considering Pete was known to demolish guys from both the net and the baseline.

I don't think people realize how skilled you have to be to do that.

1st and 2nd serve- Sampras by a mile

FH- Fed was better standing still hitting the inside-out FH, Pete was better on the run with his FH and many can argue its just as much of a bullet is as Fed's is

BH- Neither their strong points but both could do damage with it at times. Kind of a moot comparison.

Mental toughness- Pete was certainly more clutch under pressure then Roger. Pete seemed to "welcome" the big points and clutch situations more then Roger who I never felt was ever that comfortable in those situations. At least not as much as Pete was.

Defense-Roger was superior... But Pete was no slouch on the defensive end tracking those balls down for some running FH winner

Athleticism- Pete certainly was more of an athlete

Stamina- Roger due to Pete's blood disorder which caused him to fatigue faster then other guys

Net Play- Pete by a mile

Transition to the net- Again Pete by a mile

Footwork- Federer

Speed-Sampras was faster

Fed really only has Pete in a few categories. This place is crazy sometimes.. I swear some people didn't watch Pete in h is prime here.

Its almost as if people here want to compare Roger at his peak to Pete at the end of his career and not the pete of the early-mid 90s
Now let me use your logic -

1st and 2nd serve- Sampras although Federer is no slouch.

FH- Federer all day every day. Yes Sampras running forehand was great. HELL to the NO as an overall stroke, Federer is definitely superior.

BH- Federer by a CONTINENTAL mile.

Mental toughness in a big match - Pete is better.

Mental toughness displayed over the year/average level of play in prime - Federer

Defense- Again Roger, not even debatable

Stamina- Federer by a gap that is big enough to fit the grand canyon.

Athleticism - Pete by a hair.

Net Play- Pete

Footwork- Federer

Half volleys - Federer

Drop shots - Federer

Overhead - even, although Sampras had a more dramatic one for sure


Oh look, I can paint a picture with rose coloured glasses too!!! It is just as easy to shortchange Pete and exaggerate Fed's strength as it is to do the opposite. Furthermore I have also included some bullsh*t categories like you, e.g. having Speed and athleticism as two different categories. Net play and "Transition to net" also . Oh wait I forgot to include "Transition from defense to offense from the baseline" which btw Federer also wins.

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