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Originally Posted by The Meat View Post
Roll a 7 and move straight to Jail. You might get probed a little more, but you will get food and shelter.

Problem solved.
I don't know what a "7" is, but this morning as i woke up, it did occur to me (or was it as I fell asleep last night), that I could commit a petty crime and get put into a locker for a few days. However, we do have cases of undertrials spending decades in jail ...

Originally Posted by tenniscasey View Post
I'd immediately find a church I'm comfortable in, and seek sanctuary in return for whatever labor I can provide.

Maybe churches don't exist in the future you're describing, but I strongly doubt they'd entirely be gone, considering the thousands of religious organizations that exist today.

Or perhaps you personally don't go to church because you don't believe in a supreme being, which is 100% legit. But myself, if I'm going to believe in extra-terrestrials, I'm going to believe in a supreme being as well.
Actually this is one of the first options i thought of. I am in India, so temples will always be there. But I'd hate to live off them.

Btw, did you get any good pics with the alien peeps on your cell phone?
You've not been paying attention
First off, I have one of those ole fashuned Nokia 5510 types that don't have cameras. Second, in the weeks/months I was on board, the batteries died out. I didn't take my charger along, and cell-phones are now history in 2052. Even today (in 2012) getting a charger for a 5510 is impossible where I am.

I also mentioned that whoever I know is dead or almost dead (they'd be in their 90's), so I can't expect help from them.
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