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Originally Posted by Hood_Man View Post
You could make a living as a strongman, as everyone else's muscles will have atrophied through lack of use thanks to new mobility devices for lazy people.

"Observe, my beloved little insects, my amazing strength!" *snaps pencil with one hand*
Haha !

Vive Le:
well, take a horse, a camel, a tauntaun or whatever you can find, and go at the following address:

1640 Riverside Drive, Hill Valley

you should find a guy able to help you.
It just occurred to me that the same scenario happened in that 1978 movie, Close Encounters -- those guys abducted in 1945 were returned 30 years later looking just the same.

As far as all those of you suggestion writing a book, or TV shows, at this point not sure it would catch on much in India, or be of any interest to the TV/media people. Hopefully, in 40 years things would have changed.
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