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Originally Posted by toly View Post
What exactly I have to do to hit across the ball. Iíve never was able to comprehend MTM explanations.
Many of the terms are made up. That is why there is no explanation behind them. They are of the type that they cannot be contradicted but are not useful either, because they are just too vague or generalized, or not fundamental but the result of something else.

For example, if the arm remains attached to the body and swings in an arc, at some point it has to start turning back! Otherwise the arm must keep growing longer and longer, or must become separated from the body! However, the statement that pros pull back at contact is not correct because it gives the impression of conscious action. When you point that out, the reply is that the arm does come back, doesn't it? So you see how it is useless trying to argue this kind of thing.
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