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Originally Posted by sabala View Post
In 2052, 90 is the new 50 so your friends & family will be fine & ready to catch up!

Anyway, sounds like a crazy episode of Survivorman to me...

"I've just been punked by aliens who talked me into taking a trip with them to the other side of the galaxy..."

Btw, did you ever watch the show, Life on Mars?
Nope, never heard of Survivorman or Life on Mars. But i have seen that amazingly asinine Mars Attacks, Total Recall, and one more slightly better one - possibly called Mission to Mars.

'90 is the new 50' is a comforting thought. Except for the fact that keeping the body alive or replacing body parts is still not good enough. It is the mind that, for most, makes life hell as they age. Memories, the inability to adapt, things of this sort are far more difficult to manage and we've made no headway in this area, nor does it seem anyone is addressing these issues.
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