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Originally Posted by Bagumbawalla View Post
I would ask my self if I felt comfortable with my SW grip, if I felt any discomfort of shortcoming from using it, if I had confidence in it and if it suited my style of play and my concept of how the game should be played.
Well put


OP: You get a pretty easy and fluid swing using an eastern grip, both on the FH and BH side, that's probably what he means by exerting less energy.

I'm guessing that if you're at 4.0 and using a SW grip, you can take a pretty good rip at meduim height to high balls. Trying an eastern grip, have someone hit you a couple of high bouncing moonballs, a few high paceless shots, and a few lobs at the baseline. You'll probably find that it is quite difficult to attack these shots with the Eastern grip in comparison to the SW grip. You could find your answer right there.
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