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Default Cramped up on double match point!

Over the weekend I was playing in a doubles tourney and was basically carrying my partner the whole way through. Normally it's never a problem as I welcome the challenge and I have a lot of fun. Tournaments here are one set no ad scoring and a tie break at 5 all. Doesn't sound so bad if you have an equal partner but really difficult if not. We get through 3 matches and my adrenaline level is still pretty high. 4th match we're up 5-2 with my partner serving. He nervously chokes and doubles the game away. No worries since we can either break or get to my service game. Ended up at the latter. I'm serving big the whole tourney and it's all easy holds, either aces or unreturnables. I miss my first serve and my right calf completely cramps. Huge pain, fetal position, etc. 15 min timeout. First point was 2nd serve ace, 2nd was double fault, 3rd unreturnable, 4th unreturnable, 5th as soon as I miss my first serve my left calf cramps. I didn't feel it would be fair to take another time out and defaulted the match. 40-15 double match point on my serve!!! Does any have a worse torunament story?
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