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Excellent hitting for only 3 years.

Question: Why don't you ever hit off the back foot on your fh? Seems almost every shot was w/ a neutral-ish stance and coming off the right foot.

The footwork is good but not the most efficient. You have active feet which is good but I'm not sure I agree with some of the steps you are taking.

I think your racquet head speed on your fh is on the slow slide. I think this is because your hip is not very involved in the swing.
Your hip and shoulders are rotating together instead of having separation between them so there's a break (or weakness at the least) in the kinetic chain there.
I also think you need more topspin than what you're getting now. That will come though when you increase rhs and go open/semi open stance. You are hitting hard but not heavy and the sound of your strikes sound 'un-heavy'.
Heavy is better. Go heavy or go home.

The serve is good but could be better. There's a slight hitch in your serve and I'm not digging your trophy pose either. Your elbow is too far away from the body and too low.

But good stuff. Your coach has done a good job. Good luck.

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