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Originally Posted by Federerkblade View Post
iv missed this pls explain why

I was sort of joking, but don't be sorry.

It's been thoroughly established that Nole's personal racquet does not come from the retail Speed mold he endorses, but rather the Microgel MP mold.

Supposition has however, been that he uses a custom layup which is very flexy, with a RA in the low 50's. We now know that his RA is actually 60, the same as the retail Microgel MP (according to racquettech). Ergo, it's not too much of a stretch to assume that the Microgel MP is the closest frame you can buy to Nole's. With this knowledge in mind, I was kidding that all the fanboys out there would scoop up some MG mp's since they're cheap and readily available.
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