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I have had both the Baiardo and Star 5 in my shop and have strung extensively on both. Both are nice but head to head I'd take the Baiardo. Stringing all day on the Baiardo is so much easier on the back its amazing. Yes we broke more poly on the Star 5, never on the Baiardo. The Baiardo looks better in Person, the Star 5 is all plastic and frankly looks cheap in comparison. If its in your basement looks don't really matter but in a pro shop it matters. I have never had to repair either but sending the Baiardo in is much easier to ship the electronics back if there is an issue versus the whole machine. I like the locking system on turn table on the wilson much better if your stringing a lot of princes. Although both have very rounded pieces I'd say the star 5 gets the string caught more than the Baiardo. Again both are great machines I don't want to sound like I'm ripping the Star 5 but head to head we swtiched to the Baiardo and have since added a 2nd and sold our Star 5.
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