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You guys have seen and used this machine. I am very likely to pull the trigger on it Monday or when Mark gets back on Tues. Question is this: Do I understand correctly, that (regarding the table lock) when in Auto mode, it pulls like every other machine and then locks the table about when the table is stable or when tension is reached. Therefore the table is locked, making locking the Switch Action mounts down a one handed operation, as the table is not wobbling (and the tension head is not fighting to keep tension while wobbling)?
And, if still in Auto mode... Stringing an O-Port, you would start the tensioner while (using left hand or your hip) simply keep the string against the correct side of the port and the table would lock in place while tensioning and unlock after tension is released?
Thanks for the feedback. When and if I do get this one (because I cannot find a used Star 5 around) I will be able let anyone who is interested in what I think of it, as it compares to a Gamma Progression II ELS w/stand, my current machine.
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