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Forehand is fine. Footwork is really busy, almost to the point it looks like it is forced. Not a bad thing, it just looks like maybe you were exaggerating for a video (no problems there). looks like you cut your swing off too soon and, quite frankly, it looks like a much more forced stroke than your forehand. Serve is good, maybe try a little higher ball toss and get some more extension. Volleys looked good, a little bit too choppy for my tastes on the backhand.

Looking at your TR, it's interesting to see that you post some good scores against good players, but you also have losses against lesser players that isn't indicative of that form. For example, you took a set off a solid 4 star, but you also lost convincingly to a 2 star. I think it would be interesting to see a match video, just to see of you maybe keep the racket head speed up against those 3 and 4 stars or, more importantly, you don't against lesser players.

Anyway, nice video. Thanks for posting.
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