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Thanks for all the comments guys, I really appreciate them. My ranking is definitely not where it should be, I played a decent amount of tournaments at the end of my junior year but I mainly focused on ITAs this summer which dont count on TRN, and I had some good wins and matches there. The past couple of months I havent played many tournaments at all, I lost my grantfather and my uncle and my head just wasnt together. The last tournament I played was the NC State Closed, a huge tournament for NC players, where they played all the doubles first, and my partner and I made a run and lost in the finals to the 1 seeds. I had a great draw for singles and was crusing in my first round, up a set and a break, and then I strained my Achilles. I tried to play through it and didnt want to retire but the guy came back, and I could barely walk in my backdraw match. Thanks guys for your opinions, Ive got some stuff to work on and I really appreciate it!
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