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Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
My gf had the S3 and I don't know how anyone can pick that up and feel like its a solid well made phone. Hers blacked out and bricked in the 3rd week and she took it back for replacement. I was glad when she got it so I could see what the hype was about since I had JUST switched to iPhone after using blackberries since 1999.

I'm not loyal to any phone. If the S3 had blown my iPhone 4S away I would have bought one. But the UI and plastic feel and lack of good camera filter apps convinced me I made the right choice then.

The iPhone 5 is such a better phone based on my time with the S3. It's just a better experience overall, UI and ergo wise. No comparison. Yes it's way over priced and Apple sucks. But it's just an awesome device.

But who cares. I sure as hell don't. Go buy that Chinese knock off.

I see you changed your screen image. If that wasn't a pic of your gf, I doubt you have one; or she better not know about it, because then you definitely wouldn't have one anymore...
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