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Although I am not his level, I agree with U&C on the footwork. Footwork should be something natural in that the top half of your body and the lower half of your body should not influence one another in an obvious manner. That sounds stupid, so let me give two examples. You have a forehand which is three strides away. If you run to the shot, simply run and get it, you will be able to swing at the ball, but since you chose to just sprint to it, the stroke will not be your normal forehand stroke. Instead, if you choose to move into position to hit it, you can hit your normal forehand stroke and then use your footwork once again to get back into position. In the prior case, your footwork dictated exactly how you could hit the ball which lead to an inconsistent result. If you moved to the ball instead, you could stroke it like you do on the majority of shots.

If you look at players like Federer, Hewitt and Kohlschreiber, you'll notice something similar: they always hit the same fluid stroke regardless of their position because their footwork allows them to get there and get back to hit it as such. Other plays with more poor footwork end up hitting desperation shots and then they have trouble recovering. Your footwork in this case, is unknown. It is quite obvious that you're forcing yourself to have active feet for the video, but that forcing looks very unnatural for the strokes that you're hitting. I would take another video with matchplay and then upload a portion about halfway through a set. If your footwork is outstanding, then you won't even be thinking about it and it will come through. If not, you'll see that when you watch it. Since your strokes, (in this case the upper body in my philosophical tennis Zen speech) look fine, I would bet immediately that that's why you've had great results against better players because you're super focused on making sure everything is clicking all the time, whereas against lower players you have not. I could be completely wrong and would like to know if I am.

In short: active feet on video does not mean good footwork. It's obvious that is not your natural footwork because you would be exhausted within a single game if it was. Video some real points and then see what it looks like. Best of.
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