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Originally Posted by 2ndServe View Post
I have a lockout machine, an old alpha. But I find after one set my strings are catapulting my returns as I'm taking the ball on the rise in no man's land and coming in on the return.

Once this happens I feel like I have to check up on the returns to just get it in. So I'm looking for a super consistent string bed.
Sorry I missed you post somehow. Double pulling would offer a distinct advantage giving you a much more consistent tension that will hold for a longer period of time. Single pulling (with a lockout) would be similar to pre-stretching your string and there is a difference. Some machines like my Wise tensioner have a pre-stretch feature. All it does is pull at a higher tension and then drops back to your reference tension. When you single pull on a lockout you pull to a reference tension then it drops down to some value. Double pulling for you would produce a tighter string bed so you may want to consider than when you use that method. I would double pull the mains and crosses but primarily the mains. if you had a constant pull machine there would be less of a difference if there was any because the constant pulling is doing the subsequent pulls automatically.

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