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Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
Please explain. How is single pulling on a lockout machine similar to pre-stretching? Oh, you just mean that it pulls to one tension & the resulting tension is a lower tension? For me, that happens when you string on any machine with any method! So, I must have missed your point.

Sorry I thought I did explain but I will try again. When I select the pre stretch (10%) feature on my Wise with a reference tension of 50 the Wise will pull to 55 then drop down to 50. So the pre stretch pull at 10% over reference tension.

Many say when you use a lockout the resulting tension is about 10% lower but I have found it depends on the string being used. But any way when you set the lockout to 55 it pulls to 55 and locks out. Unlike a constant pull that continues to keep the tension up while you move the clamp the lock out tension string drop immediately and in the first 5 seconds is the biggest drop so when you set a lockout at 55 (assuming a 10% drop for the lockout) you end up with a string bed tension of 49.5 (10% of 55 = 5.5.) but you never really know because you don't know how much all strings will relax in that time it takes you to move the clamp. But on a lockout you are doing almost the same thing a constant pull is doing with a double pull as you are capturing that tension loss that occurred in the 5 seconds after lockout and you know what your tension is so it should be more consistent. The reason for the greater consistency is because the tension loss will be greater on a longer string than a shorter string and almost every string in the racket is different lengths.

Now which method is better to use if either? I would saying using a double pull on a lockout or a constant pull. If you are using a constant pull double pulling does not matter but that is not what the OP is using. On the lockout it makes a big difference.

It has been said here on the forum that the Star 5 because of the overshoot breaks strings. And Drakulie just said the Star 5 pulls 5-8 lbs over reference. Therefore I would think the less overshoot you have the less stress on you strings and the better it is for the strings.

EDIT: There is also a completely different type of pre stretch which is done without a machine when you wrap the string around a pole. That is not the pre stretch I am referring to.
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