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Originally Posted by shakes1975 View Post
The entire premise of my argument is that a younger, faster & fitter, "hungrier" Sampras would've backed up his 2nd serve better than he did in this match. He would've been able to close in to the net a little faster, putting himself in a position to hit better volleys.
29 yrs old Sampras WAS hungry to defend his Wimbledon, especially when it's his favorite slam. He lost to a better player(Fed) that day. Deal with it.

Originally Posted by shakes1975 View Post
Also, Fed's not a superior returner to Agassi against big servers. He gets back more returns, which is useful when the server doesn't have great volleys or a great groundgame (see Roddick, Ivanisevic, Krajicek) to back up his serve.
Fed is a better returner than Agassi against Sampras on grass. He proved it in 2001.

Originally Posted by shakes1975 View Post
At that stage of Fed's career - 2010 - Fed lost to Berdych in the Wim QF. By your token, I think we can agree that Fed's famed game did not pass the test against an arguably superior player.
Fed losing to a Berdych who was in his prime career isn't as bad as Sampras losing to a 19 yrs old Fed. And don't forget past prime Fed > past prime Sampras(his ranking plummet while Fed is consistently in the top 3).
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