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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
I believe the across part is incredibly incorrect. wegner is not a biomechanics guy at all, I would not call him a modern coach. although his movements at least mimic the modern style (I never heard him talking about the kinetic chain though).

the across comes from the rotational swing path and the pronation but there is no point in trying to hit across the ball.

wegner seems to believe that what happens with the racket during contact greatly influences the ball (he states that you swing to the ball slowly and then accelerate to "push" the ball. he even calls this double hit).

biomechanical studies have shown that this is wrong. the contact time is actually so short that nothing matters after the strings first touch the ball since the vibrations reach the hand after the ball has left the strings. you could actually release the racket before impact and have the same result (won't work in practice of course).
wonderful post outlining how you don't understand the MTM TS Fh and great
indication that you have little understanding of TS Fh in general.
If you stay with the forum long enough to improve that understanding, it
will be entertaining to watch you attempt to rectify your above comments
(which I will save for you in case some are able to do their usual thing to
get this thread deleted), with what you come to learn about the TS Fh stroke
in time
to come. Will you be the rare one to admit his mistake?
Too much misinfo to address in your post, but I'll just leave it
that until you gain the understanding of the importance racket working with
a side element to the topspin (from hitting across), your Fh will be lacking a
key principle in it's ability to control a rally....even if you are gaining the spin
by accident. Understanding it is a key in using it tactically as well as creating
it on the shots, so not understanding this principle is likely holding you 2 steps
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