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To some degree I agree -- I think pros obsess less about racket data and more about racket performance. It makes perfect sense that all they need to do is maximize their game performance. The pro just needs to go out to a tennis court, hit with a bunch of rackets, and pick one that he/she plays best with. Technicians deal with the rest, such as ensuring that every spec on each racket is identical.

Recreational players like us don't only care about performance, but also about many other factors like feel, appearance, what the racket symbolizes, etc. More factors to consider means choosing the best racket is a more complicated procedure, hence greater obsession over different specs. For instance, I win more games with a slightly larger head size, but I enjoy the feel of a smaller frame. I am a rec player and I can make that trade-off. Pros obviously cannot; he must go with the one that wins him most games.

One thing to point out, though. I don't think Talk Tennis members qualify as a "typical recreational player". In my experience, an average rec player is not that interested in their rackets. Talk Tennis just attracts people who enjoy experimenting with and obsessing over rackets (including myself)
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