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Originally Posted by MikeyBigShot View Post
I agree! Although my biggest complaint is that Oscar doesn't really define any true fundamentals or clear steps to developing the forehand. I really like how he teaches volleying, the serve, and I find his style of backhand very useful.

Ultimately, I believe MTM is a victim of its own hyperbole.

In defense of MTM:

My mother had to have lymph nodes removed for her arm, and she has been instructed to keep active so that she doesn't develop any serious complications. She has taken up tennis, and I find that Oscar's way of teaching the newest of newbies to be a great way. She immediately understood the concepts, and she is able to rally. His lift and pull across method is good for her condition.

How to progress from the lift and pull across technique to what we see on the ATP tour --- I'm not sure.

Perhaps the MTM forehand is its own animal...
Thanks for the kind words to MTM training, but interesting comments for sure.

you say he shares no true fundamentals, then go on to list a few?
you say no clear steps but even with your weak background in it, were able
to share with another beginner?
you say MTM is a victim, but share it's easy success?

and at last you speak of how good it is for a beginner, but think there is a gap
from it to the pros that you don't know how to bridge?
I ask you... how do you bridge a gap that does not exist?
If you you recognize a gap...what is it? other than more training and

I counter that all the true fundamental for strokes are there, but agree that
the progressions of steps to learning MTM are not available to those who
have not trained to be an instructor.
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