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What big pro games did Kramer and Budge play againdt each othet?
The most famous was I believe the 1948 US Pro semifinal. Kramer was the Pro Champion and if Budge beat Kramer (and Riggs in the final) he could possibly be in line to tour against Kramer for number one. Budge played fabalously the first three sets and led two sets to one. Budge actually broke Kramer's great serve twice in the third but lost the set. The fifth set was a rout. Kramer won 6-0 and Budge won one point the entire set.

I've done some research on Kramer/Budge matches after Kramer became Pro Champion and I can't find one win for Budge. Budge did beat Kramer previously. Of course Budge was older than Kramer by several years.

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