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Default Huh? I have golfer's elbow from tennis? Never got GE from actual golf.

Well, isn't that a hoot?

I played golf for a decade, 4 times a week, and never once got even a hint of "golfer's elbow".
I play tennis for 4 days, and I get a searing case of "golfer's elbow" on the inner elbow, yet absolutely zero hint of "tennis elbow".
Boy, what a complete joke. How the F does one get golfer's elbow from playing tennis? Talk about the most idiotic naming convention ever.

This is what I have:

If this golfer's elbow issue potentially threatened my livelihood, I'd quit and find a new hobby. It's just stupid to continue under those circumstances. GE also effects other aspects of your fitness and workouts.
  • I am using the blue Flexbar. 3x15 daily. Should I do more? I am also resuming my typical workout routine, as well. (I'm up to 3x50 now)
  • I ordered the PK Ki5x racket at 52 lbs.
  • I will take a few lessons on swing form that reduces GE.
  • I'll limit play to 1-2x a week.
  • I'm focusing on hitting less hard. Improving strategy & technique (hit deeper vs. ripping topspin that only lands at the service line, go to net, etc)

If these 5 aren't enough, I'm out.
There are millions of other hobbies out there.
The last thing I want is some annoying nagging injury for the rest of my life.

Actually, since I've already inflamed the GE by NOT doing the above this summer, if these steps do not work this Fall, I will take the entire winter off, and revisit next Spring. Once fully healed, if these 5 measures do not prevent GE, THEN I am out.
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