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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
I hope you don't turn out like that guy on here with the strange adversion to lead tape, saying things like "what plays just like a Radical only slightly heavier."
Your frame could be too light in stock. Try some lead which costs all of $2.50, I'd suggest starting with 4gm at the buttcap and either 2gm @ 12 or 4gm at 3&9. I don't like making comparisons to pros, but pretty much all the pros use lead tape.

I don't really buy into the idea that a frame is too powerful. I think the issues are: if it fits a particular style or swing, spin to power ratio, or control on the players part. I feel like some of the very powerful frames like the PDR actually play best when hitting full on (even with loose strings!) - definitely didn't feel any lack of control or placement, or issues keeping it in the court.

Try some players frames if you haven't already. 6.1 16x18 & prestige mid are must tries. The dunlop 200's get rave reviews. Throw in a lighter control frame like the Rad, Rebel, or 300/300t to cover your options.
Yeah the only "players frame" I have ever used was a pro staff 6.0 classic 95. I felt like it was just out of my comfort zone. So would these other players frames be like that?

Even though it's a fad, I'm highly considering the apdgt. I liked the feel of it, and everyone can use one. But I might want to go with a 18/20 pattern like the rackets Fuji has listed. I'm torn
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