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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
Yeah the only "players frame" I have ever used was a pro staff 6.0 classic 95. I felt like it was just out of my comfort zone. So would these other players frames be like that?

Even though it's a fad, I'm highly considering the apdgt. I liked the feel of it, and everyone can use one. But I might want to go with a 18/20 pattern like the rackets Fuji has listed. I'm torn
I wouldn't really consider any of the best selling and most used frames whether players frame or tweener, a fad. IMO the APDGT plays very similar to the Pro Open. The 6.1 & the 6.0 95 were different. The 95 didn't really stand out to me but I really liked the 6.1. Also, the way the 6.0 95 you tried was strung could make a big impact on how it played & felt. The prestige mid is quite a demanding racket.

You'll just have to demo to find out if it fits. I like some aspects of dense patterns and a lot of players really play well with them. But personally they just don't fit for me. The only 18x20 I really liked was the Exo Tour. Get a good mix in 1 demo order such as (for example) 6.1 16x18, prestige mid, 300t, + whatever else, and you can quickly get a good idea of which direction you want to go from there.

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