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Originally Posted by tennisfan69 View Post
One cannot totally discard MTM. For a kid to start with from scratch, it may be really really helpful. They have broken down stuff into easy small steps. Guess the name throws a lot of people off.
Yes, the success stories we have heard are like the one above of the "newest of newbies" who has to take some medical precautions, and supposedly a 70 year old man who has been playing for ever but did not know topspin.

As far as kids go, I have seen many go from scratch to advanced junior players with state and national rankings over the years that I have been playing, and not one of them has studied with a coach of this supposed methodology.

I think any success that this method has with adults is due to the following: adult coaching is horrible in general. Coaches make adults do drills which lead to no improvement. They make them pick up balls during the coaching hour. They do not correct the most basic of grip problems. Instead of teaching strokes, they teach strategy, because that is what the players want to hear about. Year after year passes as the student faithfully attends lessons, but no improvement. From an MTM standpoint, these people are ideal targets. Throw in a comparison with their older lessons, and to them, this method can seem the ultimate in instruction - simply because someone is actually pointing out their mistakes!

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