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My GE is absolutely caused by my forehand, which I used to swing as hard as I could. At this age, it caused GE almost immediately. I also notice it on volleys where I "smash" the ball away. (and off center hits)

I have an open stance. For my entire life, I've been told this is a bad swing, and I am finally taking lessons to learn how to hit closed and stepping into the swing with the leading foot. This will be a complete and total rebuild of my open stance swing that I can do in my sleep.

I am hitting much softer now, and slicing a lot more, and this has helped. I also just got the PK Ki5x at 52 lbs, and will see how that helps.

The only way to not stress existing GE is to simply not play tennis. I can take a week off and it can return in ONE swing.
I want to take 2 weeks off (hard with winter approaching), and start with a fresh slate and see how the GE fares with the new racket and the recent blue Theraband strength improvements.

AFAIC, GE is just inner TE. Golfer's elbow is a myth. I golfed for a decade. I never ONCE heard any golfer complain about his elbow. What complete bulllshit. People hurt their backs from golfing. Not their elbows.

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