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I'm currently a college coach...let me give you my opinion. I'm going to be as direct and honest as I can be as if I was recruiting you.
First of all I like your game and your being proactive. Quite honestly most coaches will never watch that video, we don't have to. We can see your record and the kids you beat and the ones you don't. I use the recruiting videos to look at foreign kids, as it's my only option. Besides, if I see a video, I want to see a video of actual sanctioned tournament play.

Now as far as level goes d1 would be tough. I would never sell a kid short though. Too put it in perspective, my naia school brought in a kid #478 in the country and he's my #9 guy and will never play. Its tough. If you want to sell yourself to a division 1 school and would sell a school on your upside/potential and work ethic. You've only been playing three years, just think of the strides you could make, thats how I'd approach it.

Now a personal note, some advice... Does it have to be d1? Is that just a personal goal, or your coach recommended it? There are a lot of great d2, d3, naia schools in the southeast. It sucks to be the number #10 guy on a d1 squad and work your butt off and give up so many fun aspects of college to never play, trust me. I would go to a school where you will get most of school paid for, get a great education, make the lineup, and still get to be a normal opinion. But if it has to be d1, you can do it, but you have to decide if it's worth it.

If you want some recommendations for schools or about the whole process, let me know. I used to be an assistant coach at one of the schools on your list, and I'd be glad to help.
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