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Originally Posted by tenniscasey View Post
I'd make it about his whole group, not just him. Talk to them all at once as though they're as equally guilty as the worst offender. Hopefully that'll shame his buddies into coaxing him to lighten up.

If that fails, call the city and tell them someone's routinely being a public nuisance. There are consequences for that in most civilized places.
Yep, you have it right. The one loud mouth is like the leader of their little pack & they all seem to follow along is some demented way.

I am definitely going to talk with him/them if it continues then I will be talking with the city/police. Its one thing to swear and yell on the courts but it is entirely a different thing to make racist remarks & threaten people. It ruining the greatest game on earth for many people who play there.

Thanks for the input
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