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Default Do some research on acute injury tendon healing

"I want to take 2 weeks off (hard with winter approaching), and start with a fresh slate and see how the GE fares...."

Research tendon healing times especially in CharlieFedererer replies in TE & GE threads. 2-6 months might be a more reasonable estimate.

If you have played on an acute tendon injury "for more than a few weeks" according one source that I read you have completely missed an opportunity for optimal healing. I believe it.

It is easy to picture what goes on microscopically (see the CF illustrations).

The tendon attaches to the bone over a small area, say, over 1 square inch. ? A particular stress occurred from a tennis stroke that injured - tore or destructively stretched - the tendon over some of that connecting cross-sectional area. Pain immediately appears and the tendon immediately begins a healing process. If you continue to play, over the first days of healing the same particular stress that first injured the tendon is applied repeatedly to the healing tendon tissue.

But maybe this is not exactly what happens - I hope that it is not this bad - and you can find other descriptions. I have been looking. What do you picture is happening?

The tendon tissue that 'heals' in this way does not function like well-healed stronger scar tissue but as weakened scar tissue (fibrosis, tendinosis).

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