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Originally Posted by Tennisguy3000 View Post
Yep, you have it right. The one loud mouth is like the leader of their little pack & they all seem to follow along is some demented way.

I am definitely going to talk with him/them if it continues then I will be talking with the city/police. Its one thing to swear and yell on the courts but it is entirely a different thing to make racist remarks & threaten people. It ruining the greatest game on earth for many people who play there.

Thanks for the input
No problem.

For what it's worth, I'd keep my request to the yelling group nice and short: "Hey guys, please knock it off with the yelling, it's throwing off our game over here." Something like that. Then if/when they persist, you can go to the city and tell them you asked them nicely once.

I'm not big on making threats, nor giving warnings for things that are so obviously stupid they don't merit warnings.
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