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[QUOTE=ollinger;6919090]Things are certainly not all rosy with Lasik. "Ophthalmology," the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, published a study in January indicating that problems such as starburst patterns in bright light, decreased contrast sensitivity, and dry eye were "relatively common" in people who've had the procedure. A study out of Ohio State found that a third of people report decreased night vision as a consequence of having had Lasik. Many subjects still need to wear glasses or lenses, though usually of less refractive strength. The notion that one can cut the cornea, either with a laser or a scalpel, and have no risk of adverse consequences, defies reason.[/QUOTE

totally agree. at the eye specialist center my wife goes to, every single doctor wears glasses, not a single doctor has had lasik surgery. maybe they know something we don't?
NOBODY knows the long term effects of this surgery.
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