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I've been promoting this a lot lately, but my vote goes to Polystar Energy. It's incredibly soft, with tremendous spin and above-average power for a poly. Some say it has the most power for a poly, but I'm not sure about that. The main drawback is that it loses tension very rapidly (maybe 3-4 matches).

In the first 1-2 hours, I've never, EVER played with a poly that has more spin than PS Energy. You can do absolutely ridiculous things with that string in the first hour or so. It's hilarious to watch a serve kick 6 feet up into the fence. But after a few hours, the spin drops down to "normal" poly levels. PS Energy is one of the few polys I've played with that actually maintains its playability in the long term. The tension loss is the only thing that renders the strings unplayable. But if you can deal with the extra trampoline effect, you can get another week or so out of them.

If you string your own frames, then the per-set cost of PS Energy from the reel is around $5.
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