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Just had to start a separate thread about this remarkable frame. I grew up using Yonex frames (notably the R-22) and found this frame to be a modern incarnation of it. Less flexible, with slightly more power, equal control, and more stability.

Problem that I've found is that the power level is actually LOWER than the old R-22, if you can believe it. I've had to dramatically reduce my string tension just to get a reasonable amount of juice out of this frame. Not that it's sensitive to strings... it really plays well with a variety of strings... but if you're looking to get some acceptable power out of this frame you really need to string low or use multifilament strings.

Right now, I'm using Polystar Energy at 30 lb. Comfort is off the charts, power is high, but controllable. Control is decent, but takes some attention. Serving is outrageous -- this thing serves bombs and my first serve percentage has NEVER been higher.

If you string in the "normal" range, anywhere from 40-60 lb., the control from this frame is absurdly high. The problem that I initially suffered with was that I had to change my strokes to generate power. Then, my control went way off because my technique went down the drain in an attempt to overswing. The solution was to drop the tension and find a powerful, spinny string to help out. Now, I'm swinging normally and generating good pace with decent spin and good control. Life is good.

Anyway, I'm still getting used to this frame, but it certainly seems as if there are no limits to what it can do. The results produced from this frame are truly in the user's hands.
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