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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I never said hitting 3-5 balls on a line is a great idea either. No one thinks black and white all the time, like you.
Oh but I don't...not all the time.
Classic is well documented, as is MTM and The advanced foundation they have many well documented elements with reference.
You have made it clear you know little of either.

Then there are things like, "Trail braking" with motorcycles and the myriad of
hybrid strokes, which are more gray, without clear source and reference, and
are evolved terms that mean different things to different people. This seems to
be your ground of choice. Yes, these are is interesting and innovative, where much
creative play will originate, but it is also a space of opinion to a large degree,
and will just be speculation for years to come. I rather enjoy this
area too, and like to share my opinions where they fit. So from here, you can mostly
either express your opinions for helpful discussion or just try to rile up controversy
for those who are not well versed in the documented ideas.
Quite a shame you use your natural curiosity for the latter, when you could
contribute so much using the former!

Now to get on the topic you sought to obfuscate with your black and white comment,
about hitting across on an arc...
If you are using the classic method of trying to extend down the target line
thru 3-5 balls, there are documented ways in classic instruction to put a rather
straight segment into and past the contact point (which you deny) instead of
what I agree should be a curving arc across the shot line.
So either you are agreeing that the swing should be an arc across the shot
line, or classic extension methods should be used....or do you have a 3rd
undocumented idea that you speculate is better?
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