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Red is biased toward the 60s. I've heard some of his interviews, one of them was when he claimed he was better than Phil Jackson as a coach because he inherited all the star players. That contradict him because he had the best players in the 60s. He said Russell was better than Chamberlain and would pick Russell as center again if he had to coach again. Of course he had to say Russell.

Players in the 60s were mostly white players, and there's no doubt that black basketball players are better than white players. The 1 inch difference doesn't really matter if a player is more athletic, jump higher, stronger, more talented, etc. I seriously doubt if the best players in the 60s competing in the Olympic today and return home with a Gold, because so many nations have improved over the decades.
I don't think so. He said at in his last few years that Michael Jordan was better than Russell.

And I'm talking about 1970 with Oscar, Baylor, Chamberlain, Jabbar, Frazier, Unseld, Monroe, Bing, Reed, Luke Jackson, Hal Greer, Connie Hawkins among the numerous great African American players. You also had West, Lucas, Cummingham, Goodrich. It was a great league. The athletes were great. So I guess a team of Jabbar, West, Robertson, Frazier, Lucas, Debusschere, Reed, Baylor, Unseld, Monroe, Gus Johnson wouldn't do well according to you. To quote John McEnroe, "You cannot be serious"

Here's a link to an article interviewing Auerbach about the 1992 Dream team and the team he could have formed in the 1960's. Notice that he said that the team should win 50% to 60% of the games with the 1992 Dream Team.

Oh yes I would like to point out it was a smaller league so having 20 great players is the equivalent of a much higher number now. I don't see anyone coming close to Jabbar or Chamberlain today. Lebron is great but so was Oscar.

Do some research on the league on that point. Red Auerbach was a great talent evaluator and I think he knows the NBA and how to form a team far better than perhaps anyone in history. He said the league in the 1960's with its version of the Dream Team would be very competitive with the 1992 team. Does that mean anything to you?

You're too rigid in your theory about past versus present. The universe is not set in stone.

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